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Way better than you might think

I was highly skeptical about this pouch staying put without bouncing all over the place, but I was desperate and had waited until the last minute to figure something out for carrying the supplies I wanted on hand for a marathon. They shipped it out really fast to get it to me before the race, and I stuffed it completely full. It NEVER moved. Full, empty, in between it stayed put. It never bounced, slipped or annoyed me for all the hours I was running. Even if you’re as picky as me, this will not be another one of the million running gear purchases that you regret and return.

Great for hands free running

This is my second Koala clip. It’s great for running. Keeps your hands free and phone dry

Bra Size: 34D
Size Ordered: Medium
This bra is amazing!!

Finally, a high support sports bra that is ACTUALLY high support, and the best part - SEWN IN PADDING!! I'm so glad to have finally found this bra, I will probably only be purchasing this one from here on out for all my running needs!
Even while pregnant and I had to wear multiple bras at once to get enough support while running, I only need to wear this one to get enough support.

Great gift for Wife

She was suprised even after an 8 mile run her phone stayed entirely dry with all the sweating! Great Koality!

Only concern she had would be the build up of sweat causing bacne, but so far so good! Thanks for the great product.

Bra Size: 36D
Size Ordered: Medium
Finally Found Enough Support

Very excited to finally find a sports bra with enough support and zero chafing. As a distance runner with a bigger chest, I’ve struggled, but the adjustable straps and soft material make this my new favorite sports bra!

Bra Size: 34DD
Size Ordered: M
Comfort and support!

I have been looking high and low for a comfortable bra that provides good support ever since my bra size changed during pregnancy. This one may have ended my search! The band is as comfortable as traditional pullover racer back style, but I love that it can adjust at the straps and the band- perfect for getting me through pregnancy and postpartum!

Love the design & fit

Comfortable design & fit for movement.

Love the supportive fit!

Bra Size: 34DDD
Size Ordered: Medium

I've been anxiously awaiting the release of this bra since I first heard Koala Clip was looking to come out with a bra for larger chests, and let me just say this did not disappoint and was well worth the wait! If you're like me, you've spent most of your life wearing multiple sports bras. Then like magic there were finally some designed for us to wear only one, but they are soooo compressive/restricting that you want to rip them off the second you're done with your run, you can't get a deep breathe in, or you tear your rotator cuff getting them back off once sweaty. I'll be honest when I first tried this on, I felt like the cup size was a little small and I was concerned I wouldn't have the support needed for running. I was pleasantly surprised when I had zero issues running in it. It was comfortable, yet supportive, no chafing, and easy to remove. I'm a big fan of adjustable shoulder straps and I like that the band also has some adjustment to it as well (plus that closure makes it sooo much easier to take off by unhooking first). Do yourself a favor and grab one of these, you won't regret it!

Travel Pocket

I use the Koala Clip as a waistband pocket for the many pairs of pants I have that have inadequate pockets. It’s great for traveling too. Keeps your stuff safe and out of reach of pick-pockets. I use it almost every single day.

Bra Size: 38/40 C
Size Ordered: XL
Yes, yes and yes!!!!

Ohhh this bra is amazing ! The wide band is secure and comfortable. The wide adjustable straps sit perfect on the shoulders. The built in padding/coverage is the perfect amount ! This bra is the closest to the old school Juno I used to love !!!

Bra Size: 38D
Size Ordered: M

This bra is amazing. I struggle to find sports bras that are supportive enough without feeling way too tight/leaving marks. Wore this bra for the first time for a 3 mile run and it felt great. The adjustable straps allow you to find the perfect fit. My mom just ordered me another one for a gift. Looking forward to wearing it for my upcoming 8k!

Koala Clip LUX
Carmel Andrew
Koala Clip Lux

Great product!! Fits really well into my sports top and I don’t feel it when I run!! My daughter keeps borrowing it too when she runs !

Bra Size: 34DD
Size Ordered: Small
Amazing Sports Bra

This was my first sports bra purchase (I have used a koala clip for many years) and this sports is pretty close to perfect for me. I felt supported throughout my entire run, the band didn't roll underneath my bust, and I didn't need to make any mid-run adjustments. I wish the racerback part was a bit higher up in between my shoulders, but I know that's not everyone's preference and won't stop me from wearing/eventually purchasing another one.

Koala Clip LUX
Deborah Smith
Love it …. once I’ve got it in place!

I have been running for many years with an arm strap and I didn’t really like it but had not many options. I really liked the concept of the Koala Clip ….. and I do really like the product. My only issue is getting it placed. Just takes a little more time than other phone holders. Once I’ve got it placed on the back of my sports bra it works great.

Better than a belt

I have used a running belt for a long time to hold my phone but I always felt like it constricted me too much. I looked into new options and found the koala clip and I have loved it so far! I forget it is there is so comfortable.

Koala Clip LUX
Sarah Becker
Great product!

I absolutely hate running with my phone, but it has become a necessity of late. I was cautiously optimistic about the koala clip, though, and it did NOT disappoint!! Will be recommending to anyone and everyone!

Koala Clip LUX

This works amazing in the rain and to keep sweat away from my phone when running. Wish I would have gotten the smaller one, but it still works great.

Koala Clip LUX

It works ok. Definitely not well with what I needed it for. But for running or the gym it would be good. The magnet needs to be some stronger

This was such a great purchase! Sometimes I wear shorts for running, and if I have my phone in my pocket, it will pull my shorts down. The Koala Clip allows me to run hands-free without the worry of any outfit malfunctions!

Koala Clip LUX
Abby Mccarthy
Love it!!!

What a gem this is! It helps me take each running adventure, and each running disaster. This changes how I think I can run- now it's more than shoes and sunnies- it's a Koala!

Koala Clip Original
Ginger Cooper
Best thing for every activity

I love my Koala clips, I've had 3 now. I am back and forth between 2. I love them both. Running, mtn biking, lifting, hiking.. tennis. It's perfect.

Koala Clip LUX
I love My Koala Clip

so much so that I bought another one for a gift! I love being able to clip my phone inside the back of my sports bra. It doesn't bounce and I don't even know it there. The colors are fun and the bag is well made.

Koala Clip LUX
Julie DeNoble
The Best ❤️❤️

I love my Koala Clip!! I can take my phone, car key/house key and cash/card on all my runs, keeps everything safe and dry. Thank you for making such a great product 💯🙌🏻