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Koala Clip

Koala Clip LUX

Size Guide

The Koala Clip was great. I used it on my run and totally forgot all about it. It didn't move and kept my phone dry!” —Stacy G

Finally the answer to an active woman's pocket problems.

Say goodbye to your pocket struggles, and hello to Koala Clip.

Run, bike, lift weights, or hit the gym and never have to worry about where to put your phone again.   

Koala Clip LUX adds an internal card pocket to carry your cards, cash, or keys.

Size guide above will help you select size specific to your phone and case.

Measurements for each size are:

Medium 4.25" x 6" /  Large 4.5" x 6.5" / XL 4.75" x 7"

Customer Reviews

Based on 723 reviews
Love it!

I've used it in a 5k race and on a 12 mile run so far. Loved it both times, and it works great! Not having a belt bothering me is such a relief. I also like I can put a package of fruit snacks in it along with my phone!

Still not received my order

It's been 16 days since I made the purchase!


This is my second Koala clip and I absolutely LOVE it! I purchased the large size clip to use with an IPhone X and it fits perfectly with a little extra room. I love that is pouch clips instead of wraps around your arm( no weird tan lines). I use for road and trial runs .

Not the best for giant phones

After using this for several weeks, here are my thoughts.
I love the zipper! No worries about my phone falling out. The material is great! It’s not waterproof but my phone isn’t dripping wet.
What I don’t phone is HUGE and unless I remove it from the case with popsocket, I can’t get it to zip. I need my phone in the case for when I wipe out or drop it. Again, because my phone is HUGE, the clip feels a bit weak and am concerned it’s not going to stay clipped.
As long as I’m wearing a sports bra with a wide strap, my phone doesn’t budge and I don’t even notice it. Not so much with a thinner strap. It will bounce around. I also tried clipping it to the waistband on my running leggings, maybe because my phone is giant but it was impossible to deal with. I also paid the extra for the little pocket but was left underwhelmed. I thought it would at least be big enough for a license or card. I can hardly get a key in it.
I think this would be great for a giant phone if they made an 2X with a wider clip.
If you’ve got a normal size phone, I think it will work great!

Thanks for sharing your feedback Kristin, we appreciate it! We are happy to help troubleshoot with you if you're unhappy.

No bounce

The phone stay secure in my bra as long as I wear one with good straps. My first clip was not waterproof and the company immediately sent me a new one which is great. Everything stays dry. I do look like I have a funny bump on my back when I run but it's great to know I have my phone around for security and I don't have it hanging off my waist where I keep my water.

We've got your back Tonya! We're glad Koala Clip can bring you that security, thanks for supporting us!