About Koala Clip

Koala Clip was created out of my own tiresome experience trying to find a way to carry my phone with me while out for a run.  I didn't want to buy special shorts or bra with extra big pockets, I wanted to wear my favorite shorts and sports bra.  Armbands always slipped and waistbelts jiggled or added extra pressure around my waist on long runs.  

Enter Koala Clip - a patent-pending pouch that slips inside the back of a sports bra.  The pouch is made of two layers of materials - the inner layer is sweat and water resistant, the outer layer is technical fabric that won't weigh you down.  The pouch secures to a bra through a magnetic clip.  It never bounces or chafes.  Clip it and forget it is there. 

Why the name Koala Clip - Well as a mom to two littles I don't like running without my phone. I am their primary contact if something happens. And in this day and age I don't like being on quiet roads running alone without my phone handy. Inspired by mama Koalas carrying their babies on their back for safety and efficiency.

I am not a professional seamstress, just a passionate runner looking for a better option to carry my phone while on the go.  



Images on website taken by Yeomann Photography based in Rochester, NY.