I can't stop talking about the koala clip to anyone who will listen! I have worn mine now for several months almost daily through many long runs, half and full marathons! This is the perfect running accessory. I can clip in my phone/credit/ID and head out for my run knowing that I have what I need in case of an emergency! I'm not sure how I ever survived without it!

Heather G, New York

Best product! Used to wear an arm band for my phone and it would occasionally rub my arm. Found this this on social media and it was the best purchase. I don’t feel it, no rubbing, no bouncing, just stays put! And keeps my phone sweat free!

Tanya P, Florida

Love this product! Both my kiddos are in school so no stroller anymore, but I still want to be connected. The Koala Clip lets me keep my phone on me, but off my mind. I'm happy that I have it if I want to listen to music, if I get lost and need to map my location, or just for personal safety (bad guys won't know I actually have a phone on me!)  Such a simple but genius product that I will use with every run!

Noelle H, New Jersey

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