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Koala Clip

Koala Clip Original

Size Guide

"The Koala Clip was so comfortable I forgot it was there. I could easily grab it when I needed it. Finally I can run without stressing about my phone!!" Chris G, real customer review

Finally the answer to an active woman's pocket problems.

Say goodbye to your pocket struggles, and hello to Koala Clip.

Run, bike, lift weights, or hit the gym and never have to worry about where to put your phone again.   

Size guide above will help you select size specific to your phone and case.

Measurements for each size are:

Medium 4" x 6" /  Large 4.5" x 6.5" / XL 4.75" x 7"

Customer Reviews

Based on 1182 reviews
Keeps my phone dry, fits weird on some bras

I like how this is constructed and keeps my arms free and I don't need a belt for my phone. However, does not seem to fit well on Lululemon Energy Bra straps. It's better for a true racerback bra.

Thanks for your feedback Cynthia, we're glad you're enjoying Koala Clip! Try using it on your hip waistband when Koala Clip doesn't match the bra well.

Perfect for me!

I used to run with a flipbelt, which was fine and it did it's job, but I hated the feeling of something around my waist while I was running. Particularly in the spring and summer. I thought about ordering one of those sports bras with the pocket built in but then I saw this on instagram! I love it so far. I have a smaller frame (130 lbs and 5'5") so my iPhone XR with case is noticeable between my shoulder blades but it's so much better than having that belt around my waist! I also love that its women owned :)

We're so glad you've found us and joined the tribe. We've got your back! Thanks for supporting us Symone!

Best purchase of 2021

The most practical gift for every runner! No disappointment whatsoever

We are so thrilled to hear this Kyra! Thanks for supporting us, we've got your back!

A pretty good option

I use the nike classic swoosh sports bras, and bought the clip in a medium for my iPhone SE2. The pouch does stay in place, however the magnetic clip doesn't actually reach the fabric of my bra, so it's really just held there by the bra itself. It protects from sweat which is nice.
The phone is pretty loose in the medium pouch, but I guess it would be too tall for the smaller size. I was hoping it would be more form-fitting to the phone.

I like the koala clip because I can control music from my watch, but if you need to access your phone often, an arm strap might be a more convenient option.

Thanks for sharing Katie, if you ever have issues with Koala Clip staying in place with a specific bra you can always try inside your shorts and clip on the outside of your waistband.

Better Than a Fanny Pack or Holding Phone in Hand

I had too high of hopes for this little carrier. Running with a phone is such a challenge. I tried the Koala Clip on my waist - still jostled a LOT. My sports bra "kinda" works...It just depends on the type of sports bra you use. My bras are Brooks crossback and getting it to clip well can be a challenge because of the design of the sports bra. Once it's in, it is fairly comfortable, with little movement. You have to wrestle it a little to get it in and out, so dont expect to use your phone to change music or podcasts much once you start.
The bag is oversized for my iPhone 11 (size medium), but that allows extra room for anything else I may want to put in there. I think the jostling would be there either way regardless of bag/pocket size. I dont love it, nor hate it.

Thanks for your honest review, we appreciate your feedback. Koala Clip is definitely better suited with razor back sports bras or bras with straps to hold it in place to prevent movement or if you had shorts or leggings with an elastic waistband to keep it in place.