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Koala Clip

Koala Clip Original

Size Guide

"The Koala Clip was so comfortable I forgot it was there. I could easily grab it when I needed it. Finally I can run without stressing about my phone!!" Chris G, real customer review

Finally the answer to an active woman's pocket problems.

Say goodbye to your pocket struggles, and hello to Koala Clip.

Run, bike, lift weights, or hit the gym and never have to worry about where to put your phone again.   

Size guide above will help you select size specific to your phone and case.

Measurements for each size are:

Medium 4" x 6" /  Large 4.5" x 6.5" / XL 4.75" x 7"

Customer Reviews

Based on 1196 reviews
Bo Yeon Ihn

I had serious doubts even after reading so many great reviews. Once I tried the Koala clip, I was sold! I was worried it would be bouncing around but it's so secure and so convenient for me to have my phone around during my runs now!

We are glad you decided to give Koala Clip a try and that you love it! Welcome to the Koala Clip tribe!

Nora Livingstone

I run with my phone but for years I have been annoyed because belts bunch up, arm bands chafe, pockets on tights are weird and nothing seemed to work. I LOVE my Koala because it doesn't bounce, it's easily accessible, it's waterproof and it helps me with posture when running. It's the best, I recommend to everyone always and will forever.
Oh, and the price is brilliant because it's not a piece of crap made in a sweatshop. When you buy this you help other people *live*.

Thank you so much Nora, we are so thankful for your support and recommending us to others! We've got your back!


I wanted this, bit when I saw the outrageous price for a simple phone clip, forget it. Why is it so expensive along with the sports bras that I can get at Walmart for about 12 to 15 bucks?! I think I'll make my own kola clip for cheaper. I would buy it if it wasn't so expensive. It's a clip for your phone. Simple. It should be affordable at about ten bucks. Twenty at the most I would say. Not worth it.

Sorry you don't find this meeting your needs. We are manufactured in the US and pay living wages to our employees. Sorry it didn't work for you but there is a reason why we are the only product like this on the market. And no we don't moderate our reviews, we just make sure to be able to respond to folks as we are real people and not bots.

Jennifer Kellett
Amazing customer service!

I never ran with my phone and now I never leave for a run without it! The Koala Clip is brilliant. I put in on my back and then don't feel it at all. It keeps my phone dry during hot, sweaty summer runs and keeps it warm and dry during cold, layered winter runs. My oldest kiddo can phone me if she's worried that I haven't come back from a run right on time (she has general anxiety). While I still love key pockets in my running shorts, the Koala Clip solves that problem for me too. I do not hesitate to recommend this product and this company to anyone who will listen to me!

Jennifer, thank you so much for your sweet and thoughtful review! We are so glad you are enjoying Koala Clip and the peace of mind having your phone comfortably with you. We've got your back!

Kelly Daniels
Love it!

I exercise outdoors every day and I'm unable to wear headphones so the Koala Clip solved my biggest problem of keeping my phone secured and still close enough to my chest that I can hear my podcast or music while exercising. It's been such a great help and I am no longer fidgeting with my phone during workouts.

Awesome! We're so thrilled Koala Clip has helped give you that freedom! We've got your back!