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Koala Clip Marathoner

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Share your achievement and reminder yourself you are a Marathoner, whether it's your first 26.2 or your twentieth.

Screen printed in gold on the bottom of your Koala Clip of choice.

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Laura Schlotthauer
Just what I needed

I plan on using this for marathon training, to keep my phone either at my waist or hooked to the back of my sports bra. I also found it useful when doing yardwork. I have dropped my phone before while mowing or doing yardwork. The Koala Clip solves this problem! I was so happy to not have to worry about losing my phone when trying it out for the first time last week. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you for such a simple, yet effective way to hold my phone.

Love my Koala Clip

I am a fan of Koala Clip many times over. I use mine daily for runs and also dog walks when I need to be hands free. Such a great idea and the quality of the clip is fantastic. I purchased the "marathoner" for motivation as I took it to the Chicago Marathon last week (I already own 3 others). I also really love the weekly newsletter--I really enjoyed receiving it on Fridays to have suggestions for food to cook and podcasts to listen to. Hope you will consider putting it out again on Fridays before the weekend starts. Keep up the good work KC!

Birgit Jaki
Doesn’t work for all bras

Unfortunately the clip doesn’t work with my Y strap bras. It requires a larger band.

Sorry to hear it didn’t work with your sports bras. You can also wear it on your hip under your waistband as another option, or some women even find they like it in the front of their sports bras!

Nicole Lichwick
How have I run without this?

Once in place, I forget it is even there. It's like having a friend sherpa my phone, while playing music, and making sure I don't miss a notification. The only downside, and its of my own doing, is that my fave sports bras fit as regular bras, with a band across the center of my back, rather than up higher across my shoulder blades, forcing me to pop my Koalaclip in my waistband instead. Either way, it is amazing that no matter how much I sweat and soak the outside, my phone and monies stay dry! &, I've yet to chafe- yay!
I love that my purchase supports a woman-owed business and my experiences with customer service have (once again) proved to me if we just let women run sh!t, we would be soooo much better off <3

We love this so much, and we agree Nicole! We're so glad we can be there for you, we've got your back!