Say goodbye to slipping armbands and bouncing belts, and hello to a simple sweat-resistant pouch, that solves your problem of how to carry your phone whether you run, bike, lift weights or hit the gym to stay fit.  

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Darn near perfect

Tried this out for the first time on a 12 mile run and loved it. It’s by far the best solution I’ve found to carry my phone with me in case of emergency (and to jam out to music of course.)
I barely knew it was there, securely fixed to the inside of my sports bra - except one little thing. The zipper pull was making a little click, click noise as I ran. With every step as I bounced. This could easily be solved with a little zipper housing at the closed end of the zipper. I’m not sure why they didn’t spring for the extra few cents in product cost but I hope they do in future.
In general this is a great product and I’ll keep using it.


I've juggled every spare tire waistband and circulation cutting arm band out there. Like I think I've purchased every version on amazon trying to find something that would just allow me to keep my phone with me. This is amazing and exactly what I've needed for years. Now if they can just start making a less awkward water bottle situation...

Best Running Accessory to Date

This is the best running accessory I have ever purchased. It is completely waterproof and stays in place every for every single run. I would recommend a Koala Clip to anyone who runs outside and is looking for something more convenient than an armband.


As a novice runner, the Koala clip was recommended to me with the promise that I wouldn't even know it was there! Wow! How true! I just completed my first double digit run this weekend using my Koala clip for the first time, and it was fantastic! It stayed in place, and I could barely feel it. Additionally, it was easy to access when I needed to check something. I was able to easily get my phone in and out and there is plenty of room for ID, chapstick, gels, etc. Cannot recommend this product enough and I will definitely be sharing with others!

Must Have Accessory

I’ve been running with my Koala Clip for over a year now and it is one of three running accessories I grab for every run, right along with my Garmin and Trekz Titanium Headphones. I recommend it to ALL my friends and absolutely love the product. I’ve always wanted to run with my phone for safety purposes but waistbands annoyed me and armbands never worked for my tiny arms. Koala Clip was the PERFECT solution. I can safely run with my phone, car key and ID/Debt Card. I love that it keeps my phone dry and is easy to wash! This is the running accessory you must add!

The Koala Clip is a patent-pending sports bra phone pocket to carry your phone, cards, and keys while running, biking, working out a the gym or taking kids to the playground.

✔ Sweat, water, rain resistant inner layer and athletic performance material outer layer to wick sweat.

✔ Zipper closure to secure items inside the pouch.

✔ Magnetic clip secures pocket to sports bra straps.

✔ Machine washable. Lie flat to dry.

✔ Slips under tanks, tees, long sleeves and jackets.

✔ Works on waistband as well.

✔ Insulates phone in cold weather to prevent battery drainage

size chart

Koala Clip is available in three sizes: Medium, Large, and X-Large sized specifically for phones and cases available on the market now.


Currently, X-LARGE only available in Gutsy Green.