Koala Clip Original - Koala Clip
Koala Clip Original - Koala Clip
Koala Clip Original - Koala Clip
Koala Clip Original - Koala Clip

Koala Clip Original

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Back in 2024 - our original fabric. The liner is the same great water-resistant liner - but after many requests, we are bringing back our original mesh, jersey fabric.

What's different about this fabric than the LUX fabric?

It has less stretch and the mesh helps absorb sweat while keeping the pouch in place in your sports bra.

Finally the answer to an active woman's pocket problems. One large pocket to store your phone, fuel, cards, cash, and keys.

 Run, bike, lift weights, or hit the gym, and never have to worry about where to put your phone or goods again.

✓ Versatile placement to allow you to carry it where you would like. Works either in the back of your sports bra, inside your waistband, or even in the front of your sports bra.

✓ It won't move even when you do. Combining the structure of your sports bra or waistband with a strong magnetic clip, the Koala Clip slips into place and you won't even know it's there.

✓ Reduces stomach issues without unnecessary belt-tightening.

✓ Protects your phone from sweat, water, rain, snow, and the cold. No more worrying about your phone dying from excess sweat or water. We use a modern-day cloth diaper liner, just reversed to keep moisture out!

As we are producing these with local seamstresses, shipping will take 1-2 weeks from purchase.

Looking for different color options or quicker shipping - check out our LUX version.

Looking for tights and shorts with pockets big enough to carry your goods in them? Check out our Pocket Tights and Shorts with lots of storage.

Koala Clip is designed to fit your phone and case.

Medium measures: 4.25" wide x 6" tall

Large measures: 4.5" wide x 6.5" tall

XL measure: 4.75" wide x 7" tall

Find your specific phone and recommendations below:

Magnetic clip is fully pliable to open and close with two high grade magnets embedded with each end.

Outside Fabric features SILVADUR™ Antimicrobial to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae on the fabric, control bad odors and provide intelligent freshness protection. A proprietary blend of wicking polyester fibers engineered for high performance

Inside Fabric: proprietary blend of polyester & polyurethane

Machine washable.

Lie flat to dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1371 reviews
Very convenient!

I like it! I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 and it just fits inside.

Ann Connors

I ordered blue and got green/black Hawaiian!

Denise McCall
Great idea - needs some improvement

The pouch is very convenient but definitely lacking on the clip support. A longer and sturdier clip would offer much better support and stop the pouch from falling off - as it does frequently.


I love this clip! It is perfect for running! And I love the little money pocket inside. I can’t wait to use it for a race!

Alexa Shamsi
Love it!

This held my phone while running so nicely! I love that it doesn’t bounce or jostle and that it’s customizable with Taylor Swift lyrics! For carrying a phone, koala clips have the advantage over running belts in that they let you run with an upset stomach (tmi? or useful?) - no additional pressure is added to your body while wearing it. Loved it!


Wash it. Wear it. Sweat in it.

If you don't love it for any reason, we'll take it back.

For real. We allow returns or exchanges from 90 day of product delivery. No need to stress. We will set it all up for you - for free!

We get it change is hard but we believe you deserve better.

koala clip original


As a lifelong runner, our founder Kristina couldn't figure out a comfortable way to carry her phone while running. It was a long run, Kristina had an epiphany. There is a perfect space between her shoulder blades and if she could create a pocket to sit there, it might just be the answer she desired. So what started out to solve Kristina's personal problem, became the Koala Clip.

Using the straps of your sports bra, a magnetic clip connects your Koala Clip over your sports bra straps (or neckline of top). No need to buy new bras, you can use your favorites already in your drawers.

We get that this is a SWEAT ZONE! We use modern cloth diaper material as the liner but reverse engineered it.  It will keep sweat, rain, and water cups poured over your head off your goods.


Olympian long distance runner Molly Huddle says: "I use Koala Clip 4-5 times a week. It's just a little thing that makes my run better."

4x Obstacle Racing World Champion. and Ultrarunner, Amelia Boone says: "Koala Clip has been life changing for me. I use it almost every run."

And it's been named by Runner's World as one of "The Best Running Gear for Women."

koala clip original

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