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I never run without this!

My Koala Clip instantly became part of my running gear "must-haves"! I can't even count the number of running belts I've tried - it's so frustrating to have to constantly adjust a belt while running. With Koala Clip, I completely forget that I even have it on! I've gotten home from a run and been looking around for my phone because it's so comfortable. Highly recommend to all outdoor runners!


I’ve only used it a couple of times yet but I find the Koala Clip vey comfortable and practical. I used it once not only for the phone but also for the keys of my home and worked out nicely, no chafing and no discomfort at all.

Running while pregnant

I used to keep my phone in the front of my bra while running but while pregnant this became increasingly uncomfortable. I hate arm bands and and belts and was desperate to find an alternative. I have LOVED this product. Its easy to use and comfortable to run or bike with. I high recommend!

Darn near perfect

Tried this out for the first time on a 12 mile run and loved it. It’s by far the best solution I’ve found to carry my phone with me in case of emergency (and to jam out to music of course.)
I barely knew it was there, securely fixed to the inside of my sports bra - except one little thing. The zipper pull was making a little click, click noise as I ran. With every step as I bounced. This could easily be solved with a little zipper housing at the closed end of the zipper. I’m not sure why they didn’t spring for the extra few cents in product cost but I hope they do in future.
In general this is a great product and I’ll keep using it.


I've juggled every spare tire waistband and circulation cutting arm band out there. Like I think I've purchased every version on amazon trying to find something that would just allow me to keep my phone with me. This is amazing and exactly what I've needed for years. Now if they can just start making a less awkward water bottle situation...

Eases My Worries

I'm a runner that hates waist belts because they give me GI issues, whether it's all in my head or not, and hates the weight of my phone on my arm. But, I run in a busy city, and have severe food allergies, so I always want to carry my phone. Yesterday, I really tested my Koala Clip with my 8th half marathon, and totally forgot it was even there. But, I still had my phone, my ID, and emergency allergy meds!
The only downside is that it's easy to take your phone out, but not super easy to put it back in perfect position by yourself without a mirror. I also have yet to see if it chafes in hot weather. But, I still give 5 stars because I'll happily compromise on those fronts any day over having to wear a belt or armband!

Love it!

Tried my Koala Clip for the first time and I loved it. I ordered the size large in daring black and my S7 fits perfectly with extra room for ID, debit card, and key if needed. Phone stayed in place well with no irritation. So happy I came across Koala Clip. I'm loving it so far!

Does not budge even during speed work!

I have worn my clip a couple times now, once during a long run where I did not experience any chaffing or uncomfortable pressures etc with the clip in my sports bra and the second time during my speed work at the track. I thought maybe the clip would shift while I was really pushing the pace, but I found it a lot less bothersome than the flip belt I've normally worn which would slide side to side and I found myself readjusting my belt constantly. It's now been through its first wash as well, I put it in a mesh bag and washed it like my other sports clothes and laid out to dry and it held up just fine.

Best Running Accessory Ever

The Koala Clip is my most favorite running accessory. I had carried my phone around my waist forever and suffered terrible chaffing in that location. With the Koala Clip my phone is safe, dry and I don’t even feel it. The Koala Clip holds it in place and it doesn’t move. I couldn’t be more pleased with this product and how it has made running with my phone so much more efficient!!


Ordered my second Koala Clip and will definitely be ordering more. Works perfectly for my phone. Comfortable, easy to care for, and it lasts!!

Best Running Accessory to Date

This is the best running accessory I have ever purchased. It is completely waterproof and stays in place every for every single run. I would recommend a Koala Clip to anyone who runs outside and is looking for something more convenient than an armband.

Innovative and Works!

I'm a new-ish runner and have always used the arm band for running and working out. So when I started using the Koala Clip my arm felt naked! I quite like it - it is a comforting (light) weight between your shoulder blades. I will not being going back to the arm band. My phone stays dry no matter how sweaty I am. I now take it to the gym and traveling with me.
The one advantage the arm band has is that if you want to check Strava or change your podcast it is easy, whereas with the Koala Clip I just don't, which is sometimes frustrating.


Best money ever spent!

Love it!

Fits my phone perfectly and I love that it is lined with a waterproof longer. The magnet holds it but it is still easy to grab my phone while I'm running, if needed.

Game changer!

I LOVE my Koala Clip! I have the iPhone XS and it fits perfectly. It feels great, even after a 14 mile run last weekend (where my phone was completely dry at the end, by the way. That never happens!) I will definitely be grabbing another one and gifting to my runner friends. Thank you!

I love it

I used for two sports, biking and running! It stay in place and did not have me a skin rash!! During my 6 mile run I did not slip off. The best thing I swear into the Koala bag but not into my phone that was inside! Later on, I can used as a bag Clíp to my pants! I love it!!


I have been using the koala clip for a few weeks. It is incredibly easy to use and stays in place with no chaffing. I have sensitive skin and a latex allergy; I was pleased to learn it is latex free and it is a great smooth texture. Works great for cold weather running and hiking- helps to keep the phone warm and prolong battery life. As an added bonus- having the koala clip on, seems to remind me to maintain more of an upright posture! Very pleased and I highly recommend it. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.


This is my second Koala Clip - new phone, bigger size! I ran with it for the first time on Saturday and for six miles, I didn't have to think about my phone ONCE. I love the Koala Clip, I recommend it to every runner I know! I HATED armbands - the Koala Clip is the answer!

Want to love it but...

Great concept, maybe I’m just not as flexible as I thought? I have quite a few thin strapped sports bras where I can only clip this towards the bottom, and then it becomes extremely difficult to try to reach my phone when I actually need/want it. Works well with the typical racer back sports bra, though. Don’t entirely love how it feels against my boney back, but I have slightly gotten used to it after a few runs. Overall, great product for the typical sports bra, but I have a lot of non-typical ones that I struggle to use this with which is a bit of a shame.

Comfort and secure

Just the product I’ve been looking for. I was tired of my waist band phone holder always riding up and needing adjustment. The koala clip is so comfortable. I enjoy it best with no phone case, feels even lighter.

As a novice runner, the Koala clip was recommended to me with the promise that I wouldn't even know it was there! Wow! How true! I just completed my first double digit run this weekend using my Koala clip for the first time, and it was fantastic! It stayed in place, and I could barely feel it. Additionally, it was easy to access when I needed to check something. I was able to easily get my phone in and out and there is plenty of room for ID, chapstick, gels, etc. Cannot recommend this product enough and I will definitely be sharing with others!

5 Stars

This is a great accessory for the cardio girl, whether you run and/or cycle alone or in a group! Carrying your phone is a necessity for safety, security and snapping pictures of the beautiful scenes along the way. Great customer service too! Keep up the good work :)

Love it!

I'm loving my koala clip. Its super comfy! I forget I'm even wearing it. The customer service has been amazing as well. I emailed a question and within minutes had a reply.

Great product!

Bought one for a gift and one for me...LOVE THIS! So much better than an armband that chafes or a running belt. Fits comfortably between my shoulder blades and on multiple exercise bras. Stays put during runs and has kept my phone dry. Also enough room for a spare key. Creative and comfortable solution!

Great phone pouch!

I've used my Koala Clip several times for hiking and have clipped it inside the front of my sports bra. It keeps my phone dry from sweat and offers easy access for photos during hikes. While I haven't used it yet for running, I'm confident it will keep my phone dry and safe! The Koala Clip is made from a soft fabric that doesn't chafe. Love it and have already gifted one to a friend!

size chart

Koala Clip is available in three sizes: Medium, Large, and X-Large sized specifically for phones and cases available on the market now.


Currently, X-LARGE only available in Gutsy Green.