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I love my KC!!

Product was as described and works great...stays in place and holds my phone securely. Fantastic customer service - I ordered the wrong color and Kristina replaced quickly. All responses were very prompt. I HIGHLY recommend Koala Clip!

Great idea - with some functionality issues

Really like the ideas of the clip, but some of the functionality is just off. First off on the good, really like the material and the inside hide-a-pocket and wonder if an external one could be good too? Now onto the functionality, the material inside would often get bunched up inside so would be trying to jam my phone in when it does in fact fit, I would then also have to try and force the zip shut. The clip when clipped to my sports bra did not feel secure with the metal and wonder if something more secure would be better. Lastly, and this is more difficult to figure out, but I found myself fumbling with the clip as I was trying to get it clipped to me and start my run. Perhaps have a clear window so it is easier to change music, start/pause your running tracker app etc?

Love it!

It’s a game changer. After many arm bands that chafe and trying to find the correct shorts that will hold my phone. This is great. No worries, stays in place.

I’ve waited years for something like this!!!

I’ve tried arm bands which don’t fit my arm, waist bands which at hot move up and down and everything else under the sun. Koala clip is the best hands down! It’s easy to use and keeps my phone and car fob dry. I forget that I’m even wearing it during my runs. Now I can take my phone and use my wireless earbuds on my long runs. I’m so much happier now. My husband likes it because with my phone on me, he can track my whereabouts. All is good! Thanks, Koala clip! I’ll be sharing this great product with all my running and biking friends!

Love my Koala Clip! I've been searching for solution to carry my phone on runs; I only have a couple of shorts that have a pocket that fits my iPhone 8 plus. This is the perfect solution - what a game changer! I've used it on runs from 3 miles to 9 miles so far - and it's been great. I get really sweaty with the heat, and even though the outside gets soaked all of my belongings inside are totally safe and dry. I love it and am really happy I took the chance and purchased this product!


I love the Koala Clip! I use it both for running and cycling (it clips perfectly to a jersey pocket). The fabric keeps my phone dry, which says a lot because I run and ride in the Texas heat. There is no bounce when running, in fact I forget that my phone is even there. I’ve been using Koala Clip for a year now and I’m hooked.

Game changing accessory!

I used my Koala Clip at Boston 2018 in the freezing torrential downpours and my phone was dry and still had plenty of power left when I finished the race...I now have 4 so I can wear one during every run! I don’t even notice it’s on my back but I have peace of mind knowing I have my phone in the event of an emergency.

Lux is awesome

I just got a new lux clip, because I needed the feather print. The fabric is so soft, much softer than earlier versions. And the internal pocket to hold cards is really helpful. And I think this one does an even better job keeping my phone dry.

Disappointed in the clip

The clip does not hold as tight in place as I expected, its too flimsy.

It works great, I usually forget it’s even there when I’m running.

Great idea!

It took me a few tries to figure out how to get the Koala Clip in place by myself, but after I figured it out, it's super easy! I don't feel like the product will slip out, and it feels comfortable. Overall it's a great product which has solved my problem of "where to put my phone"!

Overall great

The koala clip is great. I swear a ton and my phone was protected. It doesn’t bother me being clipped on my back. Occasionally the zipper gets a little bit stuck but it’s a manageable issue. I highly recommend it over alternative phone carrying options

Love the freedom!

T his works great! It took a few practices to get it to clip on easily but now that I’ve got it, it’s so nice. I was worried that my phone would feel too big against my back but I don’t even notice it and even on very sweaty days, my phone has stayed dry. I highly recommend the clip!

Beats the fuel belt.

I was skeptical on the Koala Clip as anything past 7 miles I suffer from some kind of chaffing on my waist, from the friction of my fuel belt. I thought the same about a pouch on my back. My first go with the Koala Clip was a challenge to get use to and constant adjusting. After a mile the Clip just fell in place and after that I did not feel it. I have taken it on 15 miles run in hot humid weather and no problem and the contents in the pouch were not drenched. And the best part is NO CHAFFING!!!! My waist is happy for it!


Does the job. Takes a little getting used to.

Sure it feels a little funny at first, but the product works great. It's much better than the armband that cuts off my circulation and beats shoving my phone in my bra. I would recommend it to a runner looking for an easy way to keep your phone handy.

Good enough that I’m buying another!

Great product and worked perfectly. Doesn’t bounce or chafe and having it clipped on my sports bra helps my cheap wireless earbuds from cutting out bc the phone is closer than having it in a pocket.

Unexpectedly upgraded to a larger phone that sadly doesn’t fit the M case I got but like the product so much that I’m looking to order it in the larger size!

Game changer!

I used to run with a belt, but after using the koala clip, I don't think I can ever go back! Seriously great accessory. Thank you!!

Stays in place!

I stopped carrying my iPhone 8 Plus with me while running because it caused my running belt to move too much or it didn’t leave me enough room for my nutrition and fuel. There just wasn’t a good way to carry my phone with me. Then a friend recommended Koala Clip. I was worried with how large my phone is, it would feel bulky or move. It does NOT feel bulky and it doesn’t move! I love being able to run with my phone again (for safety) and having my belt space free for my nutrition and fuel!

Stays in Place and stays dry

I have a big clunky phone (iPhone XR) and the Koala clip is great! My phone doesn't bounce and it stays snuggly in place when I run and even with all my sweating and the outside of the koala clip getting soaked, my phone stays totally dry. I'm on call a lot and need to run with my phone so this product has changed my life.

Didn't stay in place

I placed my koala clip on my back just like the video showed but as soon as I started sweating it started sliding. I had to adjust it several times throughout my run, I found the feeling of it sliding very distracting. I do sweat quite a bit and it did keep my phone dry. Great concept but just didn't work for me.

Great product

I have been using Koala Clip for a month now and I love it. I sweat a lot and it keeps my phone dry. I don't feel it when I run. It beats the smelly armband I have. Thank you for creating this awesome Clip!

Love it!

Love it, but I have some sports bras that are not racer backs. I will there was a way to clip onto those

Lux even better than the original!

I have owned several Koala Clips in the past few years, and the newest Lux version with an interior pocket is the best yet! The fabric dries very quickly and I can easily stash my house key in the smaller pocket. The key doesn't bounce and scratch my phone, I am not tied to shorts with pockets--all in all, excellent upgrade.


i love the colors and quality. The only problem I had was the magnet was not strong enough to hang on my waistband. I think if the clip could have gone sideways and used two magnets it would have been perfect. hoping this problem can be fixed I really like the product

size chart

Koala Clip is available in three sizes: Medium, Large, and X-Large sized specifically for phones and cases available on the market now.

Please note - Lux Daring Black and Lux Powerful Purple are running slightly smaller than normal. You may consider ordering up a size in those colors, especially if you have iPhone X, XS, XS Max, Samsung Galaxy 9S or 8S.