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LOVE my Koala Clip

Stays put my whole run or workout and I can run hands free or workout without worrying about leaving my phone somewhere! I never liked the cases you had to strap to your arm. Koala Clips are so much better!!

Stays put!

Wore this is a recent 5k race. It worked great!

Love it!!!

I love this product! I battled with the arm band in the past but this past weekend I wore the Koala clip in a full marathon in the pouring rain. It stayed in place and my phone was dry! Can’t ask for more than that!!

Love my clip

The clip is very useful even if I’m not running and heading to the gym I put keys and phone it!

My wife loves it!

I bought this for my wife for mother’s day and she absolutely loves it! She’s an avid runner and is always looking for a better way to secure her phone that doesn’t bounce. This is it. Thanks!


The perfect solution to running with an iPhone! I've always hated armbands and waist pouches because they bounce so much and I'm constantly readjusting them. This is the perfect solution! I don't even feel or notice it. I also had my phone in my Koala Clip during a run recently and got caught in a rain storm and my phone stayed completely dry. I am very happy with this product and would recommend to any runner!

Soooo much better than an armband !

I have been running with my Koala Clip for a little over a week. I honestly have no trouble with bouncing and chafing , it is very comfortable to wear. I love that I can also fit a key and or money in the waterproof pocket . Love it !

Love It

I have had my Koala Clip for a couple weeks now and I am loving it! I used an arm band for years that required me to take my phone out of the otter box to get it in the arm band. When I finally found an arm band I didn't have to remove the otter box for, it would slip down, and removed skin from arm, causing a permanent scar. The Koala Clip works just as advertised. It stays secure in my bra, and I have even used it clipped on my shorts. I don't even notice it is there during my run. Highly recommend the Koala Clip for carrying your phone while exercising!

Worth every penny!!

I have tried the arm bands and the hip belts and they all either seem to slip or ride up. Very uncomfortable. I saw this on Instagram and decided to investigate. With all the positive reviews I decided to purchase.
I ordered the medium as I have an iPhone XS with a pop socket and case and it fit just perfect. I was also able to throw my ID and cash in there as well. I have now recommended this product to other runner friends!

Best Running Accessory Purchase by Far!

I don't like being bogged down with stuff while I'm running; I absolutely despise belts and have only tolerated arm bands because I know it's a lot safer to run with my phone than to leave it at home in the case of an emergency. The Koala Clip seemed perfect for me because when I'm on a run, I only use my phone for music (and the above-mentioned safety factor) and so don't really need to access it often or quickly (I only answer phone calls and text messages once I get home).

That being said, I was surprised at how easy it was to access my phone when I needed to change my playlist during a half-marathon this past weekend! I didn’t have to break stride or fight to get it out, and I didn’t have to struggle putting it back in place like I’ve had to do with an arm band.

I've used the Koala Clip with different styles of sports bras and it always clips into place easily and stays there. I forget that I'm even running with it, it's so comfortable! I also like how it keeps my phone dry. There was a BIT of moisture after running for almost two straight hours, but it was still much drier than it would have been in an arm band, or even if I had been holding it in my hand. It’s also super easy to clean; I just throw it in with the rest of my workout clothes or hand-wash it and hang it to dry (which it does very quickly).

I couldn’t be happier with my Koala Clip and I highly recommend it for its convenience and comfort! Thanks to the Koala Clip team for coming up with a great product and solution for runners!

Love this!

I love this! It stays put and doesn't move during my runs. It's amazing! For once I don't have to worry about belts riding up or dropping my phone.


This is such a comfortable way to store my things while running or biking. I was using a running belt in the past but it was restrictive and uncomfortable! I'm so glad I bought this clip!

Best Thing EVER

I just put my Koala Clip to the test during the Brooklyn Half Marathon and it was awesome! I didn't feel it move one bit and all of my items were super secure. I have always hoped for a product like this and I am so glad I have found the Koala clip. It has become a total game changer in my running game! THANK YOU!!!

Changed my running life

I absolutely love my koala clip. It is so comfortable and convenient, simply a must have for any runner.

Running freedom

Another option to run, hands free and without a belt or vest! I love it!

The Perfect Solution

I normally wear a belt to hold my phone while running, but I’m pregnant and was very uncomfortable having my phone that close to my bump (I know, kind of an overprotective mom). Anyway, the Koala Clip offers the perfect solution and I LOVE it! I don’t have to worry about exposing my babe to anything my phone may be giving off when my phone is on my back:) The Koala Clip is comfortable and holds my phone so well. Super grateful for this product!

Love it

Wasn’t sure at first this would work but I was wrong. I love it! So far about 6 runs with it and no issues. When you first put it on you can feel it but then I forget about it. It stays in place, no rubbing.

Stays in place and super comfortable!

This is a great hands free running option. I put my phone in and it is centered on your back! Also, not difficult to reach if you need to do something on your phone while running. I have iwatch so use that to monitor my run/ change songs. I took it on a 12 mile run with me pretty new and did get some chaffing on my back, that was I think bc it was 12 miles and being newly worn! I would highly recommend for hands free running!

I bought my koala clip a few weeks ago and I love it. I rarely run with my phone because I hate an arm band and my flip belt is tolerable, but running with my koala clip, I don't even notice my phone after minute. I will love to use this on the few occasions that I run with my phone.

love it!

Ran my first race (10miler) with my Koala Clip in the pouring rain. Loved having my phone and key in a dry place that didn't rub my arm raw like my old arm band did. Forgot it was even there! My only suggestion for the maker is to use a stronger magnet. I didn't have a problem, but I feel like it could be stronger. I now use it on every run, and feel safer knowing I have my phone on me at all times without the annoyance of the arm-band, which often was the reason I ran w/o my phone.

Almost great!

I bought the large size for my IPhone XS Max in a beetle case. The phone fits well with a little room to spare. I have tried to use the clip with various jog bras but it feels like the clip portion isn’t long enough for the length and heaviness of the phone. I use the pouch to put my phone in and shove it in the front of my bra. Now my phone doesn’t get sweaty, but I definitely can’t run with it, however hiking/ walking is fine.

Love this product!

The Koala Clip does just what it claims to do - keeps my phone secure and dry while I'm out on a run. I don't wear a racer back sports bra but the Koala Clip works just as well nestled in the front of my bra with the clip attached to the collar of my shirt. The magnetic clip is very strong and keeps my phone from shifting or bouncing as I run, and the pouch protects my phone from sweat and rain. Plenty of room in the pouch for my ID as well! Great product!

Koala Clip FTW!

This clip makes working out or doing any kind of activity a breeze and stress free! As a busy mom I cannot totally unplug from the world on long runs (also I love my music) but as cell phones got bigger the carrying of them got even worse and more of a burden. The koala clip has been a great bonus and nonstressful addition to all my activities (working out, running, and cycling)!

Koala Clip is great!

I live by myself and sometimes feel unsafe running by myself in the evening by the river where I live - I got so sick of tucking my phone into my running shorts waistband, so just stopped running. Bought the Koala Clip so I could carry my phone with ease and get out there again, and was a bit skeptical of how well it would work, but it's absolutely great! Handsfree, no bouncing about, no chafing, keeps the sweat off my phone, and I have so much more peace of mind when I'm out and about! Absolutely love it!!

Always with me for runs and rides

This product is so comfortable. I wasn't sure if I would like it taking up space in my sports bra but 5 minutes into any workout, I've totally forgotten it's there! It has kept my phone dry and keeps me feeling safe with my phone in an easily accessible spot!

size chart

Koala Clip is available in three sizes: Medium, Large, and X-Large sized specifically for phones and cases available on the market now.


Currently, X-LARGE only available in Gutsy Green and Daring Black.