kc action team

We’re looking for active women who inspire others and want to share their love of Koala Clip to join our 2022 KC Action Team!

The KC Action Team members will come from all walks of life (we are not just looking for runners but also triathletes, cyclists, lifters, horseback riders or anyone that is active and wants to share how they use KC) and can be located anywhere in the globe.

We are so excited to launch this updated program and be represented by this group of women!


Is applying to be on the KC Action Team right for you?

  • Do you love your Koala Clip and want to help share it with others?
  • Are you someone who loves to demonstrate your koala clip when a woman at a starting line asks you about that thing on your back?
  • Have you converted all your friends into KC users?
  • Are you an active part of a local or online community?

No matter where you live or how many social followers you have, if you love your Koala Clip and want to help us grow, apply!

Koala Clip Action Team members get:

  • 30% off discount to Koala Clip (personal code for you only).
  • Unique shareable discount code to distribute online and in-person.
  • Exclusive team gear and contests.
  • Freebies to sample and test out as new products are developed.
  • First notice of new products.
  • Monthly team calls to connect, inspire and join a community.

Koala Clip Action Team member’s requirements:

  • Current Koala Clip user.
  • Willingness to share Koala Clip online and in-person as it fits with your training and activities.
  • Willingness to connect us with your online or local community through hosting a demo run or community event (in person or virtually), regular sharing of Koala Clip with your online followers, or introducing us to your local specialty running/cycling/fitness stores.
  • Be an active member on our team facebook group to share, give feedback, and support each other in our training and personal endeavors.
  • You agree to represent Koala Clip in a professional manner.
  • Will not re-sell any product or promotional items.

Do all of these perks and team requirements sound good? Great, we'd love for you to apply and can't wait to review your application!

Please complete the KC Action Team application by Wednesday, February 9. We will notify applicants of their selection on Wednesday, February 16.


The 2022 Action Team will be limited in size as we navigate the world in front of us. We launched this group to help get us offline and more in person around the world. But the pandemic has changed everything, so much of the Action Team activities will be done to the comfort level of the member. 

But don't want this to be just another program that gives you a discount to share and that is the only time you hear from them. We envision the Action Team being true partners with us. As we continue to grow and expand, our action team is critical component. 

The selections will be based on the enthusiasm presented in the application for helping us grow within your community, not based on social media following.