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Add a mantra to your Koala Clip to inspire, motivate, and celebrate all your hard work.

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I love the Koala Clip! I use it both for running and cycling (it clips perfectly to a jersey pocket). The fabric keeps my phone dry, which says a lot because I run and ride in the Texas heat. There is no bounce when running, in fact I forget that my phone is even there. I’ve been using Koala Clip for a year now and I’m hooked.

Stays in place!

I stopped carrying my iPhone 8 Plus with me while running because it caused my running belt to move too much or it didn’t leave me enough room for my nutrition and fuel. There just wasn’t a good way to carry my phone with me. Then a friend recommended Koala Clip. I was worried with how large my phone is, it would feel bulky or move. It does NOT feel bulky and it doesn’t move! I love being able to run with my phone again (for safety) and having my belt space free for my nutrition and fuel!

Love the quotes!

This truly is a great product. My phone is secure and safe while I run, yet it’s with me in case I need to access it! I even use it when I mow the lawn!
The only downside I have is that I have some trouble getting it into place (maybe it’s my short arms!) I feel as though I might rip it soon when I reach for it, as I typically can only grab it by the clip part. It could definitely get better with practice! Overall the fabric is soft, the pattern is beautiful, and it’s a great product! The motivational quotes are a worthwhile added touch!

So happy you're enjoying your Koala Clip and finding other activities and uses for it! Thanks so much Jamie!
Love my clip

I run long distance and hate wearing a belt of any kind. I also don't want my phone taking up precious space in my running vest. I have run MANY training runs, a few marathons, a 50 miler and 100k with my clip. Love it. Highly recommend!!

We are so thrilled to hear you love your Koala Clip, Kim! We are happy to join along on your training runs!
Skeptical but now a believer

I got this for my girlfriend. She would carry her phone in a belt just in case her daughter needed to get a hold of her while we ran. She got tired of it bouncing around. I saw the Koala Clip and decided to buy it for her. She loves it. She said that after about 5 minutes she forgot it was there. I got her the smallest one because she has an iPhone but my Galaxy 9, without a case, fits in it as well. It's a great product.

Awesome, thanks for sharing us Chuck!
size chart

Koala Clip is available in three sizes: Medium, Large, and X-Large sized specifically for phones and cases available on the market now.

Please note - Lux Daring Black and Lux Powerful Purple are running slightly smaller than normal. You may consider ordering up a size in those colors, especially if you have iPhone X, XS, XS Max, Samsung Galaxy 9S or 8S.