Online Resources for Yoga (for runners & athletes)

Yoga can be hit or miss as an athlete. If you don't know what to expect, you may end up injuring yourself rather than benefiting your training.  While I like going to a studio to practice with a certified yoga instructor, often there is just no time between running, lifting, kids, work, etc!

There are a number of amazing online resources - both free and paid.

For runners and athletes looking to gain the benefits of yoga, like stretching after a run or building core strength, you can see the benefits by doing small daily or every other day practices. Even 10 - 15 minutes daily can make a big difference.

For me personally, I have instituted a 15-minute practice after my run. I come home and have a mat set up in my garage (so on weekends when my kids are not at school, I don't go back into mom mode right away). Often I do my own thing based on my years of practicing yoga, but occasionally I turn to an online resource. Below are the exact videos that I recommend and what purpose they serve.

If you want to level up - and invest in yoga as a part of your training, begin to learn more than the poses, there are two great online resources that I have used - JasYoga and YogaGlo.  They serve slightly different purposes though.

  • JasYoga is geared towards the athlete looking for very specific release, warmup, or strength geared towards their sport. The owner is a runner and a mom. JasYoga is $9.99 per month but offers dozens of videos. The only downside is if you want a more traditional yoga practice (like vinyasa flows this won't be your cup of tea as it is not flow sequenced). They offer a free 2-week trial!
  • YogaGlo is the premier online yoga training website. It has some of the best teachers across the country, offers different styles, lengths, and focuses. Some are specifically geared towards runners through teacher Tiffany Cruikshank. The monthly fee is $18.99. There are a lot of offerings so if you haven't practiced before you might get overwhelmed but it offers beginners classes and like I mentioned before a variety of styles. They also offer a 15-day free trial!

For free yoga classes, there are a few that I like through youtube.

For a post-run stretch when you have 10 minutes:

For someone who used to practice at a studio but just can't make it now and looking for a more involved practice to do 2 or 3 times a week as cross training:

These four videos all are more involved 45-60 minutes and offer a more traditional sequencing of yoga poses through a vinyasa practice. This is a great way to use yoga as cross-training to gain strength, increase single leg balance, and increase core stability.

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