What we are reading, listening and loving in November.

Well, our Friday is off to an interesting start. After a wind-storm last night that knocked out our power and internet, I am camped out at a Starbucks. Obviously incredibly small compared to what others are facing. My heart goes out to everyone in CA dealing with the wildfires. Keep safe friends.

We hope you have a great weekend. Here are some interesting stories, books, and podcasts that we are digging right now.

Throwback interview with Mary Keitany.

Erin Strout's piece on Shalene Flanagan's retirement.

Des Linden on CTolleRun podcast.

Amelia Boone on The Rich Roll podcast.


As temps cool, these items keep me rolling in the winter:

  • 30 - 45 Degrees:
    • Brooks NightLife Tights - I have last year's version and they are clutch for pre-dawn or post sundown miles. 
    • Fleece Vest: Some times you just need to wrap up in fleece to get out the door. I have one from Janji from last year but this one looks super cozy from Oiselle.
    • Merino Wool - wool is a special fabric that keeps you warm without being bogged down with sweat. I love Tracksmith's Brighton Layer.
    • I wear gloves starting at 50 degrees because of Raynaud's and these from Saucony are my favorite for this temp range to keep warm without overheating.
  • Under 30 Degrees:
    • To me, this is really personal of how tolerant you are cold. I have zero tolerance so probably overdress for most people. But I'd rather shed a layer than be cold from the start. Investing in the right gear though to keep you warm, makes all the difference.
    • I wear a Lululemon Down Jacket when it gets really cold. Mine is from several years ago but similar to this one.
    • Fleece-lined tights with wind protection. There are a lot out there and it really depends on what you want to spend. 
    • Good gloves and Wool socks!

What are your essentials for winter running?



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UR Enough Surprise Box - Koala Clip
UR Enough Surprise Box - Koala Clip
UR Enough Surprise Box - Koala Clip

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