Spring Clean your Sports Bras

Who has read The Magical Art of Tidying up or watched it on Netflix? Marie Kondo lays out a method to cut the clutter and unused stuff to narrow down to only having as she describes "what sparks joy."

As I was looking through my sports bra drawer the other day, I realized I really needed to Kon Mari that drawer. It was overflowing and most of it I knew I hadn't touched in a long time.

Here are the steps I took and the before and after below. Even if you only have a few bras, I would say go through this process and see if you are truly happy with what you have and use them all.

1. Pull every bra out of your drawer.

2. Start by making two piles - have you worn bra in the last six months or have you not worn the bra in the last six months?

3. Start with the pile that hasn't been worn. The reality is if you haven't touched the bra in six months, you must not like it. So look through those bras.

  • Are any in good shape to resell or donate? Decide right then if you want to list on a Poshmark type thing or put in bag immediately to donate.
  • If any of the bras are not in good enough shape to donate or resell, then please look into Bra Recyclers. You can mail your bras and they will either donate them to someone in need or upcycle the textiles.

4. Now the pile of bras that you have worn in the last six months. Look through each bra individually and think through these questions:

  • Have you had this bra for more than two years?
  • Have you had any new chafing issues from the bra?
  • Does it leave new red marks on the band or straps?

If you answer yes to any of those questions, it's probably time to move on from it. Toss them in the donate or sell pile now.

5. With the bras that are left, make sure they all still fit properly, are holding you in place, and meeting your needs. If any are not, move to the donate or sell pile.

6. Now with what you have left, time to deep clean. Grab a bottle of distilled white vinegar. Use 1 part vinegar to 4 parts hot water. Soak your bras (and throw your Koala Clips in while you are at it) for at least 30 minutes. Once you are done, toss everything in the laundry machine.

7. Marie Kondo is a big fan of rolling rather than folding laundry. Here is a video of her demonstrating how to fold intimates. Around 28 seconds in is where she gets to bras without wire. I found some of my more structured bras wouldn't roll nicely, so I did a combo of rolling the ones that would and just laying the others flat on top of each other. 

Here is the before and after of my sports bra drawer. It's been much easier to find the sports bra I wanted to wear that day.

sport bra organizing

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