Sports Bra Review: Kristina, 32B

December 05, 2018

Sports Bra Review: Kristina, 32B

Kristina - 32B

Tell us about yourself and running/working out:

As a mom, business owner, and 9-5 worker my days are jam-packed and I often wake up throwing on my workout clothes (and sports bra) for the day to be ready to fit in my run or strength training when I can sneak it in between meetings, picking up the kids, or getting orders out the door.

Right now I’m coming back from an injury and slowly building back mileage before starting to get into workouts and racing again. I am currently running 4 days a week, 4-10 miles at a time and strength train 2-3 days a week.

What do you look for in a sports bra:

While I’m not a particularly well-endowed woman, I have a few desires to make me fall in love with a sports bra - compression, removable inserts, and breathable fabric. Adjustable straps or band are nice but usually not necessary since I started buying properly fitted bras.

Do you deal with chafing or skin sensitivity? I actually have never chaffed from a bra and feel super thankful and lucky for that!

PS. Don't be scared of my belly button. It was destroyed by childbirth and will never look the same.

My top 4 sports bras:

Puma Womens Seamless Sports Bra  - this is one of my favorite finds of the year. Super soft material, removable pads, and the right amount of compression make this one I reach for every time it’s clean (and I find one of the most comfortable when I throw on in the morning and wear the entire day). Also really affordable at less than $20.


Oiselle Lesko Bra - compressive fabric and simple design make this one of my go-to's. While this is pricier, you can find good sales often (and they also donate sports bras to high school girls!).


Lululemon Long Line Energy Bra - this is one of my favorite all-time bras. Comes in a regular length but also a longer length. I prefer having more coverage, especially when I am just running in a sports bra. Perfect amount of compression and coverage without being too heavy. Costs just under $60 but definitely goes on sales at times.


Lululemon Mind over Miles - while this fabric is a bit heavier than others, it’s elongated body gives me the extra coverage I desire and comes with pretty back detail. Price is $60 but if you keep an eye out they definitely go on sale at times.


How do these work with Koala Clip?

These all work pretty fantastic with Koala Clip if I do say so myself.

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