Sports Bra Review: Bethany - 36B/38A

Below is another submission part of our sports bra review series.

Bethany - 36B/38A

Tell us about yourself and running/working out:

I am a mechanical engineer who is currently a stay at home mom to two kiddos who are 7 and 4.  I tend to live in my workout clothes, either because I ran at 5:30am (and would rather stretch than shower!) or will be running as soon as the kids get dropped off at school.  

I just ran the California International Marathon where I earned a PR and my first BQ.  I have been running for 25+ years (since 7th grade track) but most of that time it was part of or secondary to doing other sports like rowing, triathlons, and tennis.  I have refocused on just running the past 2-3 years though. I typically run 3-5 days per week, and also try to strength and cross train as well.

What do you look for in a sports bra:

COMFORT and price.  Since I tend to live in my workout clothes, I adore bras that I can wear most of the day!  Removable inserts/lightly lined are a favorite feature, along with a non-constricting chest band. I am definitely more on the “itty bitty” cup size side but I have a big rib cage and wide shoulders, so soft and smooth chest bands and underarm seams are a must.  I am also a bargain shopper, so all of my bras have cost less than $30!

Do you deal with chafing or skin sensitivity? I used to get some chest chafing from old school Champion bras (circa early 2000’s) but seamless styles and better materials/styles have eliminated that, and my most common pet peeve currently is when I get the red rub marks on my lats & underarm area. 

My top 4 sports bras:


C9 Seamless Racerback Bra - the workhorse/staple in my drawer: I have multiple colors and they have lasted for YEARS.  These don’t have padding/lining but the price is right and they are comfortable. I have also had the cami style as well.


Senita Sarah Sports Bra - fun print and thick fabric but comfortable!  One of my most recent favorite bras. Even with the thicker chest band this bra is very comfortable. My iPhone 6s in an Otterbox case DOES NOT fit in the pocket though.  


C9 Seamless Strappy Cami Sports Bra - the specific one I have is from a couple of years ago but C9 seems to always have some similar variation.  I like the cute straps and the soft seamless design and removable pads make this a favorite even after having it on for 8+ hours!  


C9 Strappy Cami Sports Bra - this is the non-seamless version of the previous bra.  The separate chest band isn’t quite as comfortable as the seamless ones, but it’s a definite upgrade as a replacement for my old stretched out plain black bra that I had to retire a few months ago

How do these work with Koala Clip?

I haven’t yet tried these with my new Koala Clip (just ordered one!) but I’m pretty certain they’d all work great!



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