Is Koala Clip right for you?

July 20, 2018

Is Koala Clip right for you?

💥 Do you want your phone on you for emergencies?
💥 Do you set your music and go?
💥 Do you want a discreet way to carry your phone?
💥 Do you either not worry about pace or use a watch to track it?

While Koala Clip is a comfortable, non-irritating way to carry your phone while exercising, it is not for everyone. If you check your phone often while out, if you look at it for your pace or routinely switch music from your phone, then you will probably not find Koala Clip best suited for your needs. 

While Koala Clip is easy enough to get out if you need your phone while out, it will get tiring repeatedly grabbing it throughout a run or while exercising as you choose. 

Koala Clip provides a discreet, non-irritating, bounce-free, sweat-resistant way to carry your phone, cash, cards, keys for the female runner or exercise enthusiast. Designed to be out of the way and not distract from your task at hand.

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size chart

Koala Clip is available in three sizes: Medium, Large, and X-Large sized specifically for phones and cases available on the market now.

We are in the process of adjusting sizes so please refer to the specific chart based on the color of Koala Clip you are ordering.

Below find a size chart to help you identify the correct size to order.  Each measurement listed corresponds to the width of the zipper opening and length of the pouch.  The following list is not comprehensive but based on the best available information as of now. It will be updated on a regular basis.

Please reach HELLO@KOALACLIP.COM if you have any questions regarding your phone and the best size to order.