in their shoes: stacy e

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In Their Shoes: Stacy E

Q1: Who are you? Describe your work, life, and sport of choice.

My name is Stacy, and I’m a marathoner, crazy dog lady, English professor, and coffee addict.  I’m originally from Wisconsin but now call Fort Wayne, IN home.  I volunteer with shelter dogs and teach Shakespeare in prisons in my free time.  My non-runner husband and teenage son and lazy dog thankfully put up with crazy runner tendencies (and all my time volunteering!).  My identical twin sister is also a runner, and we love the opportunity to run a race in matching gear.   

Q2: What is your sport of choice? How did you get started with it? Do you compete in races, if so what's your favorite distance?

I’m a late bloomer runner.  My dad was a speedy runner when I was a kid in the 80s, so I of course decided that I would do other sports instead.  I started running in my early 30s about 10 years ago as a way to heal from a hard period in my life.  I decided that my heart beating fast from running was much better than it beating fast from anxiety.  I found myself moving forward in my life with each step I took running.  I haven’t looked back since --- I’ve run 30-ish half marathons, 5 marathons, and countless shorter races.  For the past 5 years, I’ve trained for a Fall marathon over the summer, and I love the long training runs and alone time. When my marathon was canceled this Fall because of Covid, my sister and her family planned out a course, led me around on a bike, and made me my own finish line. I’m going to keep running marathons as long as my body lets me!  No BQs or race wins for me…but I’m definitely not last either.    

Q3: What is your driving force behind your sport?

Running helps me manage my anxiety and find some inner peace.  I also love the alone time to think, listen to my music, and just be away from my busy life.  

Yoga has also helped me a lot with both my anxiety and my running.  It’s so great to stretch out my tight legs!  It’s also helped me really focus on my breath while I run.  I use some of my favorite yoga mantras when I run as well, such as “the breath will calm the body, and the body will calm the mind.”

Q4: What are three words that people use to describe you?

Empathetic, Dedicated, Crazy (ha!)

Q5: What is your favorite thing to listen to while working out (music, podcast, audiobook, etc)...or do you prefer to go without headphones?

I have a 600+ song running playlist on Spotify (it’s called “Running May 2019”), and I listen to it on shuffle when I run.  It is as random as can be – musicals, 80s and 90s songs, some Taylor Swift, and everything in between. 

Q6: What is your favorite meal or recipe?

I don’t eat very much meat, so I love anything with black beans.  My husband cans his own salsa each summer, and I put that on absolutely everything throughout the year.

Q7: Name a book you recommend to all your friends?

Ahhhh…so many recommendations (I am an English professor after all).  My favorite recent fiction books are The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai and The Nickel Boys by Colson Witehead.  I also recommend the memoir Writing my Wrongs: Life, Death, and Redemption in an American Prison by my friend Shaka Senghor.

Q8: What is your secret pleasure TV show to indulge in?

TLC reality shows!  Or, obscure documentaries about social justice issues (I know…weird way to relax….but…)

Q9: Last question - what are your favorite workout shoes?

I’m a longtime Brooks Adrenaline fangirl.  I wear Topos for dog walking and regular life.

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