in their shoes: Regann D

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In Their Shoes: Regann D

Q1: Who are you? Describe your work, life, and sport of choice.

My name is Regann, and I was born and raised in New Jersey (there is nothing I love more than running at the Jersey Shore during sunrise!) I have worked in the Hospitality industry for 12 years, and I am currently a General Manager in Corporate Food Services. Although 2020 has been crazy, it has also been one of the greatest years for me. I recently got engaged to the love of my life, and have spent the year learning to appreciate the little things. Running is my sport of choice, and has been my constant in the whirlwind of 2020!  

Q2: What is your sport of choice? How did you get started with it? Do you compete in races, if so what's your favorite distance?

My sport of choice is running. I started running when some of my family members and I decided to train for a half marathon. Since then I have participated in countless 5ks and 6 half marathons. I don’t have a favorite distance- I just like to run! I run now more for the mental health and exercise than the racing aspect. I recently began working with a coach, and my goal for 2021 is to run my first full (possibly virtual) marathon!!

Q3: What is your driving force behind your sport?

I’ve been running on and off since 2015, but have only really dedicated myself to the sport within the last year. Two and a half years ago, I decided to quit drinking. It hasn’t always been easy- but running has played a huge part in my mental health. Besides being great exercise, I use it as a stress relief and it gives me mental strength. When I finish a particularly hard run, it shows me that I can do hard things when I put my mind to it. I don’t need alcohol, or other mind alternating substances to seek relief. 

Q4: What are three words that people use to describe you?

Resilient, inspirational, nurturing

Q5: What is your favorite thing to listen to while working out (music, podcast, audiobook, etc)...or do you prefer to go without headphones?

I alternate between music and podcasts depending on my mood or the run- but I always have headphones on!  I also really enjoy the Nike Run Club app. There are a bunch of different guided runs that range in miles/length, and you can listen to your own music in the background when the speaker goes quiet. The guided runs are free when you download the app, and great motivators!

Q6: What is your favorite meal or recipe?

My fiancé and I love going out for Hibachi, but since 2020 has started we haven’t been able to get to many restaurants. We have been making our favorite ginger dressing at home to go with our salads- and it’s amazing. You can find the recipe here-

Q7: Name a book you recommend to all your friends?

Untamed by Glennon Doyle is a great read. It’s a memoir, but also a book about learning to trust yourself enough to become the woman you were meant to be. One of my favorite quotes from the book is- “Being human is not hard because you’re doing it wrong, it’s hard because you’re doing it right.” I also just started listening to Can’t Hurt by David Goggins while I run, and it’s already got me hooked.

Q8: What is your secret pleasure TV show to indulge in?

I’ve probably seen every episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. It’s my go-to binge watch when I’m at home, and I just found out they have every episode ever on Hulu!!

Q9: Last question - what are your favorite workout shoes?

My favorite running shoes, hands down, are the Brooks Ghost 13. I have owned at least 6 different pairs/versions of the Ghosts shoes. I own a few other running shoes- but I always go back to the Brooks Ghosts. 

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