in their shoes: hillary o

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In Their Shoes: Hillary O

Q1: Who are you? Describe your work, life, and sport of choice.

I’m Hillary Ogg - I live in Missoula, MT, with my husband, our three sons, two dogs and two cats.  It’s a circus!  I’m a realtor and my sport of choice will *always* be running - roads, trails, whatever!

Q2: What is your sport of choice? How did you get started with it? Do you compete in races, if so what's your favorite distance?

I’ve been running since 2003.  I tried many times over the years but couldn’t get into it - fast forward to 2002, when I was finally diagnosed with asthma & subsequently given meds to control it, and voila!  I became a runner.  I love doing races and prefer half marathon distance - it’s hard, but not too hard, and doesn’t take nearly the time commitment that training for longer distances can!

Q3: What is your driving force behind your sport?

Running has always been my go-to meditation.  I listen to music, or podcasts, or nothing, and spend time thinking, or not thinking.  I run with friends or by myself, whatever works for that day.  It’s my time and keeps me centered and (somewhat) sane.

Q4: What are three words that people use to describe you?

Loyal, friendly and fun.

Q5: What is your favorite thing to listen to while working out (music, podcast, audiobook, etc)...or do you prefer to go without headphones?

I listen to music a lot on my runs - I love actually getting to hear lyrics (doesn’t happen at my house often!).  The “Hamilton” soundtrack was awesome, but these days it’s anywhere from alternative to rap to pop.  I also love certain podcasts - Armchair Expert always keeps me entertained and engaged. I can’t do audiobooks - they take too long!  I prefer reading, for sure.

Q6: What is your favorite meal or recipe?

My two favorite meals are steak, with baked potatoes, & a salad, and spaghetti.  Both made by my husband b/c I don’t like to cook…  My favorite recipes I make are chocolate chip cookies (same recipe since 5th grade- - it’s that good!), peanut butter cookies and raspberry pie (homemade crust).

Q7: Name a book you recommend to all your friends?

Oooh, hard to narrow it down to one book.  I loved “Rules of Civility” and some of my old standby recommendatioins are “Loving Frank”, “What Alice Forgot”, “Animal Dreams”, “The Birth of Venus” and “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”

Q8: What is your secret pleasure TV show to indulge in?

Ha - I just finished binge watching “Queen of the South” and it was SO good - insanely violent but the story was great.  I also am a total sucker for any and all superhero shows - “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage” were awesome!

Q9: Last question - what are your favorite workout shoes?

My favorite workout shoes are Brooks Ghost - I’m in the 14’s now!  I also LOVED Nike Wildhorse, before they changed the design.

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