in their shoes: Amy D

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In Their Shoes: Amy D

Q1: Who are you? Describe your work, life, and sport of choice.

I am Amy DiTommaso, High School History teacher by day, tiny run club leader by night.  When I am not teaching and/or helping my own two little learners (Daughter who is 7 and a son who is almost 5) you can find me running around the Astoria neighborhood of Queens, NY.  

Q2: What is your sport of choice? How did you get started with it? Do you compete in races, if so what's your favorite distance?

I started running in high school when I switched from basketball to cross country.  Though I did not continue with this in college, I continued to run as a means to feel healthy both physically and mentally.  I have run many road races, though it’s hard to choose a favorite distance.  I think they all have their merits! 5Ks are great spurts of energy and are so fun to run, while a marathon proves to myself I am capable of really hard amazing things.  

Q3: What is your driving force behind your sport?

I run to keep my body and mind strong.  Especially this year, it has been my saving grace and the push I need to get outside when it would be so easy to stay inside all day every day.  I also love the community aspect of running.  I love to be in a group of runners of all speeds and abilities.  Even if you don’t stick together, you start and finish together and there is great power of community in that. 

Q4: What are three words that people use to describe you?

Loyal, Organized, Hard headed :) 

Q5: What is your favorite thing to listen to while working out (music, podcast, audiobook, etc)...or do you prefer to go without headphones?

When I run it is always music! Though through training for my first marathon a few years ago I started completing more and more runs without headphones and it became a new experience all in itself. 

Q6: What is your favorite meal or recipe?

My favorite meal ever still has to be a big salad, followed by pasta with homemade sauce.  This has been my favorite since I can remember being asked what my favorite meal is, so I guess I was destined to be a runner haha. 

Q7: Name a book you recommend to all your friends?

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, no matter what is new in the world of books I think this one still rings true for what people need in their hearts. 

Q8: What is your secret pleasure TV show to indulge in?

Everything and anything that HGTV or the Food network produce! I want to know how to do that to my house and how to make it in my kitchen and feel pretty confident after watching just a few shows haha

Q9: Last question - what are your favorite workout shoes?

Right now I am going between 3, On Cloudflows, Brooks Levitates and Altra Escalantes.  Trying not to wear down any one pair too fast.  I wish I could make a combo of the three as there are parts I like about all of them and have yet to ever find the perfect sneaker!

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