How to put on your Koala Clip (video demonstration) | Koala Clip

How to put on your Koala Clip (video demonstration)

We've updated our video of how to put on your Koala Clip. 

  • Insert your phone and goods inside the clip. Zip shut.
  • With one hand, lift the clip.
  • With your other hand, lift a bra strap.
  • Slide the pouch in place. Secure clip over your bra or top.
  • If you need to adjust, reach up and under your band and adjust as needed.


  • Char

    Does your clip stay in place if you put it in your waist band? The clip did not hold it when I tried that, how did you make it secure?

  • Connie

    To have my items accessible, it is better to clip the pouch on my waistband or front straps of my running bra. It would have been nice to see the customization (Nevertheless she persisted) on the outside, rather than buried inside.

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