How does Koala Clip work with wired earbuds?

Many users have asked us if it's possible to use Koala Clip with wired earbuds.

We thought of creating a port for wired earbuds within the Koala Clip design, although that might seem like a nifty addition we have opted not to add that feature for the reason of the sweat and water resistance ability of Koala Clip.

Bluetooth earbuds work great and guarantee the sweat and water resistance with the zipper fully shut, however, we know not everyone has them and it is still possible to use wired earbuds!

Typically the earbud port on your phone is on the bottom, so just insert your phone upside down into your Koala Clip and plug in your favorite earbuds. Then we recommend that you close the zipper as much as it will allow without cutting into the wires of your earbuds. If you have a porthole in the middle of your phone - order up a size in your Koala Clip to have enough depth to close the zipper more completely.

Please understand that this is not a guarantee and running with wired earbuds is at your own risk leaving the zipper open, but we wanted to share that it is possible!


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