How does Koala Clip work with a strappy bra?

Koala Clip is designed to slip inside the back of your favorite sports bra. While it definitely works best with traditional racerback bras, it certainly still works with those beautiful strappy bras we all love.

Koala Clip works in conjunction with the straps of your bra to keep it in place. So as long as your bra has supportive straps that cross or meet in between your shoulder blades, it should provide enough support to keep your Koala Clip and goods secured.

When wearing a strappy bra you want to make sure you lift the straps up first to place the Koala Clip underneath for the most security. It may take a few tries and a little practice to get it snug under all the straps, but once it’s initially placed, you can reach back under from the bottom of your sports bra and pull it down to a comfortable position. If you find your bra straps not providing enough security - secure the magnetic clip over the back of your shirt like in the picture below.


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