Core Routine from Pro Runner Becki Spellman

My Name is Becki Spellman!  I am a four-time Olympic Trials qualifier in the marathon, mom of twins, online running coach, and athlete for Oiselle. After having my kids, I struggled to get back to running while staying injury free due to a lack of stability in my core.

My postpartum routine started more simple than this, but for someone looking for a solid routine for running strength, this is a great one! If you are interested in what I did postpartum, here is a link to a blog I wrote on itl!   

I am excited to share my core routine with you!  If you have any questions please feel to comment, or reach out via email at Cheers to many healthy, strong and fun miles!

The Routine:

*Do 4-5 times per week (or as many as days as you can consistently hit).

Exercise 1 - This is “stir the pot” I do 2x10 back and forth and around both counterclockwise and clockwise. 

Exercise 2 - This is “hip lock bridge”. Keys to this exercise are to engage your core (you can see me checking mine out of habit before starting with my right leg down), keep hips level as you engage your glute and press hips upward. 2x10-15 each side.


Exercise 3 - (watch to the end for extra cute) Band Knee Drive- 2x20 each side. Place the band around your forefoot. Stand so you have a slight lean on the wall. Bend knee that will remain stationary on the ground. Engage abs, drive one knee up while straightening the stationary leg, engaging that glute, and coming up slightly on that foot.


Exercise 4 - Slow Push-up! This one is hard (in my opinion)! Engage core, while slowly lowering your chest just above the ground while keeping arms parallel to your body. Inhale on the way down exhale on the way up. For me I have to really focus on keeping my core engaged to not “sway” back up. I started from a knee position and slowly worked up to this. Work up to 2x10.

Exercise 5 - side plank with 2 variations. Tighten glutes and abs (which I have to focus to maintain) as you lift into a side plank. You can now hold for 60-90 seconds, or do the up/down variation moving you hip slowly up and down while maintaining glute and ab engagement, or lift the upper leg slowly being sure to keep abs tight and not allowing the glute to quit working!


Exercise 6 - “Dead Bug” Lie with your back flat on the floor with your arms extended straight up, your legs bent at 90 degrees, and holding a stability ball between your knees and your hands. Keeping the ball in place with your right hand and left knee, tighten your abs and slowly lower your right leg and left arm to just above the floor. Only go as low as you can with your low back pressing in to the floor. Return to the starting position, and repeat on your other side. 2x20 each side.

Exercise 7 - Wall Angels, this is part of my prehab routine. I do it prior to runs. Stand with feet hip width apart, tighten abs to flatten your back against the wall. Keep your abs and shoulders engaged as you slowly slide arms along the wall and back down. 2x10. This helps to train the shoulder as a counter balance and allow force to flow from your leg through your back over to your shoulder which exits the body in arm swing.

Exercise 8 - Standing Superman: these are a work in progress for me. I do them as part of my prehab engage glute on the stationary leg, engage and hold abs tight, and don’t forget to breathe. I tape myself doing these probably once a week to continue to work on doing them correctly. Like I said a work in progress! 1-2x10 each side


Let us know how the routine works for you!

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