Chicago Marathon Demo and Shakeout Run

Are you running the Chicago marathon and want to either meet up with fellow Koala Clip babes or want to try it out before the race?  


Koala Clip Shakeout and Demo Run

Saturday, October 12

Fleet Feet South Loop (150 Roosevelt Rd)

10:00 AM

Our ambassadors, Lyndsey and Raiza, will have Koala Clips available to demo during the 2-mile shakeout. And Fleet Feet carries Koala Clips so you are able to either purchase your demo or go inside the store and to get different colors available there.



  • Lena Josifi

    Prob the item I need most in my life. Need to bite the bullet. Send me details!

  • Jordan Stone

    I am interested in getting more details about the shakeout run. Looking forward to meeting some fellow Koala Clip wearing ladies!

  • Silke Cuff

    Do you have a booth at expo (in case my order doesn’t arrive before the race)?

  • Carolyn Renick

    I’ll be wearing my Koala Clip for all 26.2 in Chicago! I never run without it! Please add me for more information on the shake out! 🏃🏼‍♀️

  • Cameron Estes

    I’ll be in Chicago! I have a Koala Clip and excited to wear it at Chicago!!! Love to hear details on the shakeout run!

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