Optional placement is one thing that sets Koala Clip apart.

Koala Clip was designed for women by women, and we know that optional placement is necessary. We are not all made one size fits all and being able to move your Koala Clip to different placements is one thing that sets us apart.

While our founder's initial idea was to keep your phone out of the way and secure in the back of your sports bra with her Koala Clip while running, there are plenty of other ways to carry your phone and Koala Clip depending on the situation.

We've had a few women try it on the front of their sports bra, tucked inside. Don't worry about sweat - Koala Clip is water resistant and designed to protect against sweat and rain. You can slip it between your breasts or tucked in the side as the picture above shows. This is definitely contingent on your build and what feels comfortable.  

You can also use on your waistband. Koala Clip works well when paired with shorts or tights with a drawstring or high tight waistband. Slip Koala Clip inside your shorts along your hip and secure magnetic clip over waistband.

Needing a secure way to carry your phone at work or just taking your kids to the playground? Below a nurse practitioner shows how she keeps her phone tucked away inside her Koala Clip and scrubs during a shift. Another picture is a user heading out with her Koala Clip tucked inside the waistband of her jeans.


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