Can you focus when your phone is in front of you?

"The results were striking: individuals who completed these tasks while their phones were in another room performed the best, followed by those who left their phones in their pockets. In last place were those whose phones were on their desks. We saw similar results when participants’ phones were turned off: people performed worst when their phones were nearby, and best when they were away in a separate room. Thus, merely having their smartphones out on the desk led to a small but statistically significant impairment of individuals’ cognitive capacity — on par with effects of lacking sleep."⁣⁠

This study was published in 2017. Read here for more of their conclusions.
Do you ever realize how much you look at your phone while working out if it's in your hand? Part of Koala Clip's design is to keep it accessible if needed but out of the way otherwise. Why? To let your mind focus on the task at hand. Set your music or podcast if that's your thing. Tuck your phone away in your Koala Clip. And go.


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