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Best Sports Bras for C, D, DD+ Cup Sizes

Best Sports Bras for C, D, DD+ Cup Sizes

A few weeks ago, we asked our community to share their favorite sports bras, in particular for our more well-endowed friends. Our fan favorites are below and we hope this helps you find a sports bra that works for you.

Adjustability was the commonality that was shared: adjustable straps and adjustable clasp or band.

*This list is obviously not fully inclusive of all sizes that women are in bras. If you have other suggestions or notes to include, this list will be updated as we receive more info. Send info to hello@koalaclip.com

Here are the 4 that were most shared:

Liz (34DD): “I am a DD and have had two kids. This is the only bra I can wear single. It has the adjustable band around the rib cage which is awesome because normally in order to get the girls all in I have to buy bigger and then it’s so big around my rib cage. Also, the Velcro adjustable straps are good because if they get stretched out from use I can tighten then or even during a 20 miler!”

Amber (38D): “Shefit is sooooo supportive and adjustable.”

Tina (36D): “Shefit provides great support, adjustability, and l Iove the story about the woman who created it.”

Karen (36DD): “The girls are locked and loaded.”

Tara (36D): “It has adjustable wide straps and a clip closure with 3 size options “

Ness (38C): “I love the rebound racer. Excellent support, no jumping, and no issues with chafing.”

Mindy (32D): “I like a racerback and have a very short torso so I need adjustable straps.”

Raiza (36D): “It fits me and holds the girls in place. The first sports bra that made me feel comfortable.”

Andrea (34DD):  “No chafing. Super comfortable. AND holds the girls in place.”

Samantha (36E): “I went with Juno because you could underdo a strap for nursing but stuck with it after because it’s the most supportive I could find.”

Kara (36D): “It goes by cup size and the shoulder straps are adjustable with velcro. It doesn’t hold on to a lot of moisture so no chaffing.”

Alanna (38D): “Love the high support. Love the strap thickness. Love that I can adjust the velcro at the front of the straps. Love the modesty of the cups. I wear one every day, to work, to run, everywhere. Super comfortable.” 

Brenda (34C/D): “I love that is fully adjustable. The straps have a loop and Velcro so you customize the strap length, and the back has an actual bra clasp so that’s adjustable as well. The cups are sewn in which is a must for me. 

Lauren (32DD) - “The straps are adjustable in the front which is great if you need a little extra lift.” 

Michelle (36F): "Absolutely LOVE Enell bras! These bras hold me in place." 

Laurel (34DDD): "As a busty woman who runs marathons, this is the best sports bra I've tried so far. It keeps the girls down and I don't feel any bounce when running. I LOVE the front hooks, no longer is it a battle to take off a sweaty sports bra!"

Nichole (38FF): "I feel like I could go to battle in my Enell bra. I have trained for and run 2 marathons in mine and it still works like a charm. It was a little difficult to get used to the fit and amount of coverage at first, but it is totally worth it."

Other notable bras that were suggested: 

Monica (36C): “No chafing and really good support.”

Angela (38D): “Zips in front. I’m a DD and this holds all in place, no bounce!

Sara (32D): “Still looking for the holy grail but the best one I’ve found lately is the Nike. It doesn’t dig in anywhere and I don’t chafe.”

Amanda (34D): “It has an adjustable back closure and straps that can be adjusted.” 

Alanna (34F): “This is a good bra with excellent support but doesn’t have the best size range as I’m a 34F and just barely fit.”

Kelly (36DDD): “Underwire sports bras are the only thing that prevents underboob chafing for me and these provide the support without a crazy high price tag.” 

Pam (36DD+): “Panache sports bra, both the wire-free and underwire. It is AMAZING for larger busted women DD+. Nothing moves!

2 Responses

Marian Jenkins
Marian Jenkins

November 26, 2019

Shefit is absolutely my favorite ever! I love that they are a women owned business (out of West Michigan, my home state). The bras are amazing!


October 31, 2019

Panache and Chantelle sports bras are my faves. I’m a 32F and need all the extra support I can get. Domonique is good too but a little less comfortable. I’m not crazy about the Brooks, and Anita bras I have. In prefer a fully open back with a hook to make it a racer back, and regular adjustable straps. The others are too much for me.

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