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The Koala Clip is a patent-pending women's run accessory to carry phone, cards, gels, and keys in a sweat-resistant, bounce-free pouch.

The Koala Clip slips seamlessly inside the back of your sports bra and stays in place through a magnetic clip.

  • The material is sweat and water resistant
  • Items secured in pouch through a zipper closure
  • Machine washable.
  • Pop the pouch and clip in place and run without interference or discomfort.

Medium Koala Clips double as extra pockets on your waistband. Tuck it on the side of your hip to carry gels, keys, or even your phone.

There are two sizes available: Medium and Large
Medium fits phones and cases up to 4" wide and 6" long
Large fits phones and cases up to 4.5" wide and 6.5" long

Size chart with current phone models available here.

Orders ship one to threes days from the date of purchase, if you need it sooner, choose priority shipping. Please allow up to one week of processing ordering X-Large, each is fully handmade; if you need sooner - choose priority shipping.

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