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Empowering Women. The bottom line of what we do.

We believe in using business as a force for good and giving a portion of profit back to empower more women. Specifically girls and young women. Gaining self-confidence, leadership skills, and the love of sport shouldn't wait until adulthood. We need to be mentoring and supporting the next generation now. 

Moving forward, for every Koala Clip sold, we will donate $1 to a charity that supports empowering young women. We will select a different charity every month, and at the end of that month, their donations will be tallied and sent along to them to begin using right away.

We have had a charity angle at different times throughout 18 months of existence but decided now is the time to begin making it a permanent part of our business model.

The program begins on April 1, 2019, with the first month supporting Girl Forward. Girl Forward works with girls ages 14-21 in grades 9-12 who identify as refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers providing them with mentoring, education, and safe spaces.

2019 Charities:



Make a difference for a nonprofit empowering young women and girls that you care about.


size chart

Koala Clip is available in three sizes: Medium, Large, and X-Large sized specifically for phones and cases available on the market now.


Currently, X-LARGE only available in Gutsy Green and Daring Black.