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Koala Clip

Koala Clip Strong Like a Mother

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Because there is no one stronger. Celebrate all you do, with a limited edition Strong Like a Mother Koala Clip.

The application is printed in white on the Koala Clip of your choice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tiffany K
One for me and one for a friend!

This is the perfect solution not just for runners but for moms on the go as well! I don't run with my phone often but needed a solution (mostly for safety purposes, those "just in case" moments) for longer runs, and this is perfect! Out of the way but accessible if something happened. I also use it for walks with the kids/dog to keep my hands free, especially since it can clip inside my waistband just as easily. I even bought one as a gift for a "non-runner" but otherwise active mom friend. Once our kids are out of strollers, we need somewhere to put our stuff ;) Thanks for a great product and good solution for a variety of situations.

Riana Damjanovich
In Love

I adore my Koala clip and wear it 3-4 days a week while running. It has been a game changer for keeping my phone on me while exercising and it’s super cute too! Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

Mari Johnson
Great stuff!

I love the Koala Clip! I don't like to run with things in my pockets or around my waist, and this is the perfect solution. I found them at a race packet pick up and I'm so glad I did. Stays in place, great size and protects my phone from rain and sweat. Thank you for making a wonderful product.

Thank you so much Mari, we are so glad you found us and have joined our tribe! We've got your back!