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Koala Clip

Koala Clip F*ck Yes

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As Shalane Flanagan crossed the finish line of the NYC Marathon, winning her first major marathon, she celebrated her "F*ck Yes" moment.

Share your "F*ck Yes" moment with this limited edition Koala Clip. Screen printed in white on the bottom of your Koala Clip of choice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ashley C.
Great alternative to waist belts!

I've used my Koala Clip on several walks and jogs as I build my mileage back from injury. So far, I've loved this as an option to carry my phone! It's easy to apply to my waistband or sports bra (although the thin, strappy bras don't seem to hold onto it so well), and I love the bright color and F*ck yes graphic... so badass! I have seen some wet spots on my phone after a run or two but that may be the extra Texas heat that the pouch has to compete with. Overall, I'm loving it as an alternative to my waist belt!

Jessica Marchi
Best Invention Ever

Having once killed an iPhone with boob sweat (seriously, the screen was cracked and my sweat leaked in there during a run while it was uncomfortably stuffed into my bra and killed the whole phone), this is freaking amazing!

My phone stays bone dry. It secures easily in several different sports bras - all with different backs. It also clips to my cycling jerseys easily!

Thanks for sharing Jessica, we are so glad we can help prevent that from happening ever again! We've got your back!

Cristina Filippelli
Love my Koala Clip!

Just completed a 10k and the Jacksonville Gate River Run 15k. Love how my Koala Clip held my phone safe and secure on my runs! It’s easy to put in place and easy to access if needed. No more weighing down pockets, or additional accessories. I especially love that it doesn’t jiggle while running and my hands are free!

Awesome! We are glad to hear it Cristina! So glad you're enjoying your Koala Clip!

Clarke Whitehead
Koala Clip

I love my koala clip! This is my second Koala Clip and I recommend it to every single runner I know. Thank you for such a great product and amazing customer service!

We are so glad you love it Clarke, thanks for your support!

Heather Grimaudo
Highly recommend!

I love my Koala Clip! I wish I had purchased it sooner in my running career. I can now wear any running clothing/outfit and not worry about having an appropriate pocket to hold my phone. The Koala Clip gives me freedom and peace of mind.

On top of that, it functions well. My iPhone 11 with a case fits perfectly in the large size. It fits in the back of my sports bra well and does not move during running, sprinting, or biking. The case itself keeps my phone dry.

Highly recommend to other runners!

Thank you so much for your wonderful review Heather! We're so glad you're enjoying your Koala Clip and we are so thankful for you recommending us! We're happy to bring you that freedom and peace of mind.