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Koala Clip

Koala Clip Dare Greatly

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As Brene Brown coined daring greatly means the courage to show up. Be vulnerable. Be real. Ask for what you need. And to believe in yourself. Dare Greatly in life and in your next race. 

Remember your commitment, with this limited edition Koala Clip. Screen printed in white on the bottom of your Koala Clip of choice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Katherine Graef
Great and almost awesome!

I ordered the luxe version with “Dare Greatly” on the back. This is a great product and I am happy to add it to my running kit. However, I have one note for those considering the luxe vs standard Koala Clip and there is one main thing keeping it from being awesome for me. I opted for the luxe because I wanted the option of having a separate slot for cards or cash. Not sure why I did that because I almost never run with cards or cash and the flap inside that would hold those has just gotten in the way. So, unless you need to carry a card or cash and have no other way to do so (all my shorts have a slot for this), less is more in my opinion — opt for the Koala Clip classic. My main issues with the Clip is how floppy it is. I really wish the side with the clip was more rigid. It does its job — it keeps my phone in place and I love the waterproof membrane that keeps my phone dry, but there is no way to remove the phone without removing the entire clip. It’s quite cumbersome. Still, I am very grateful this product exists and take it on every run with me. And that “Dare Greatly” on the back never fails to inspire. (:

Thank you for your feedback Katherine. We appreciate it.

Anna Caraboolad
wish I had it sooner!

the koala clip is a great addition to my running outfit! it fits my phone per the sizing chart and it rests comfortable between my shoulder blades during my runs that I don't notice it's there. The outside definitely gets sweaty, but my phone stays nice and dry inside. Love the color and quote options!

We're so glad you found us and are part of the tribe now Anna! We've got your back!

Cydney Pfeifer
Mom runner

Koala clip is perfect! Keeps my phone protected, battery doesnt drain, and i don't have to hold on to it!

We are so glad you're enjoying your Koala Clip Cydney! Thanks so much!