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Koala Clip

Koala Clip Runner Girl

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Let your feet do the talking. Celebrate your accomplishments with this limited edition Runner Girl Koala Clip. 

Screenprinted in black on the bottom of the Koala Clip of your choice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Loved my first one, bought another and a gift!

I loved my first Koala Clip so much that I gifted one, Runner Girl, (to my cousin) and just had to get one for myself too. So light and roomy, carries all my essentials while roller skating, is not bulky and does not hinder motion at all!

Koala Clip Lux Review

This product is a game changer!
It's very practical end easy to use. I love to be able to carry my phone, credit card, ID, keys and even cash with me while I run. Hands free! I appreciate that..

Hands free is the best! We're so glad we can bring you that freedom and we love being that run game changer!

Love it

Summer runs get hot, and sometimes it rains when I'm out. Before I had this clip, I either used a belt that drove me nuts, or just about sweated my phone out of my hand. Koalaclip does a great job keeping my phone dry. It is a little warm clipped onto my back, but much more comfortable than the belt was and I don't notice its there after the first half mile. It is very secure too. Great product!

We're so glad you love it Danielle! You definitely shouldn't have to worry about your phone and we're so glad Koala Clip has allowed you to focus on the run again.

Dr Sarah Pasia
Hands free connected!

Perfect! I can play my Peloton outdoor runs, music, track my runs, and not miss a call, all hands free, and without pockets.

Thanks so much for sharing! We are so glad you're loving Koala Clip!

Justin Holton
My wife loves it!

I bought this for my wife for mother’s day and she absolutely loves it! She’s an avid runner and is always looking for a better way to secure her phone that doesn’t bounce. This is it. Thanks!

Justin, thanks for supporting us! We are so happy your wife loves it too!