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Koala Clip

Koala Clip Run ♡

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Share your run ♡ with a special-edition Koala Clip. Screen printed in white on the bottom of your Koala Clip of choice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nicole Long
No more arm band!!!

I’ve been band free since snagging the Koala Clip. I love it. I’ve learned it’s easier to put it on before I put my tank on because it snags on my tank and doesn’t lay right. I’m not a huge fan of the extra pocket. I don’t use it and the threads from where it’s sewn catch in the zipper plus it makes it slight more bulky. On the positive side I never feel it once it’s on. My phone is always dry. It is easy to hang up and dry out using the clip. It’s economical. I started this no band journey with a bra that had a pocket for my phone. That bra was ~60 bucks. I loved it and needed more so I could be band free but buying many more bras that I didn’t need wasn’t in the plan. I snagged this and can wear it with all my existing gear again and again for less than one bra. I’m very happy. I’m going to buy another without the extra pocket to compare. Buy this you won’t regret it!

Anna Heinrich
Great idea!

As phones are getting bigger and bigger, I needed another way to store it on the run. The belt I had used previously is no longer a good fit for me and I hated that there are so few summer options with pockets ... so, the clip is the perfect idea in a sports fashion world that still tries to put as few pockets on womens' pants as possible ... Great idea, keeps my phone dry and sweat-free, to be worn with any outfit!
Also loved the size-finder on the website!

We agree, having the freedom to use Koala Clip with any outfit whether it has pockets or not is a game changer! We're glad to hear you love our quiz too! Thanks Anna!

Karianne Scheevel
Love it!

Just got my clip and have used it on 5 runs already. Works great! No bouncing or giggling. Love it!

We are so glad to hear this! we're glad you love it Karianne!

Amanda Harris
Just got it, and already love it

I have tried so many different belts, and there was always a flaw somewhere. I was constantly aware of the belt. I used my Koala Clip for the first time this morning on my run, and I honestly forgot all about it being there! It didn't move, I didn't feel it. This has probably been one of my best running gear purchase, if not THE best purchase!

Wow Amanda, thank you so much!! We're blushing, we are so thrilled your experience with Koala Clip was so great! We've got your back!

Meggan Kofford
LOVE it!

I LOVE my koala clip. It doesn’t bounce when I run, is FAR more comfortable than a hip belt and keeps my phone close and easily accessible in whatever activity I’m doing. The customer service is also excellent!

Thanks so much Meggan, we LOVE that you LOVE it! We've got your back!