Say goodbye to slipping armbands and bouncing belts, and hello to a simple sweat-resistant pouch, that solves your problem of how to carry your phone whether you run, bike, lift weights or hit the gym to stay fit.  

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Running while pregnant

I used to keep my phone in the front of my bra while running but while pregnant this became increasingly uncomfortable. I hate arm bands and and belts and was desperate to find an alternative. I have LOVED this product. Its easy to use and comfortable to run or bike with. I high recommend!

Eases My Worries

I'm a runner that hates waist belts because they give me GI issues, whether it's all in my head or not, and hates the weight of my phone on my arm. But, I run in a busy city, and have severe food allergies, so I always want to carry my phone. Yesterday, I really tested my Koala Clip with my 8th half marathon, and totally forgot it was even there. But, I still had my phone, my ID, and emergency allergy meds!
The only downside is that it's easy to take your phone out, but not super easy to put it back in perfect position by yourself without a mirror. I also have yet to see if it chafes in hot weather. But, I still give 5 stars because I'll happily compromise on those fronts any day over having to wear a belt or armband!

Innovative and Works!

I'm a new-ish runner and have always used the arm band for running and working out. So when I started using the Koala Clip my arm felt naked! I quite like it - it is a comforting (light) weight between your shoulder blades. I will not being going back to the arm band. My phone stays dry no matter how sweaty I am. I now take it to the gym and traveling with me.
The one advantage the arm band has is that if you want to check Strava or change your podcast it is easy, whereas with the Koala Clip I just don't, which is sometimes frustrating.

Great product!

Bought one for a gift and one for me...LOVE THIS! So much better than an armband that chafes or a running belt. Fits comfortably between my shoulder blades and on multiple exercise bras. Stays put during runs and has kept my phone dry. Also enough room for a spare key. Creative and comfortable solution!

Flamingo clip

I LOVED doing my long run with my Koala Clip. It fit my cell phone perfectly and was snug in my sports bra. It stayed put, didn't get wet and wasn't irritating. I look forward to wearing it and keeping my phone safe and dry!

The Koala Clip is a patent-pending sports bra phone pocket to carry your phone, cards, and keys while running, biking, working out a the gym or taking kids to the playground.

✔ Sweat, water, rain resistant inner layer and athletic performance material outer layer to wick sweat.

✔ Zipper closure to secure items inside the pouch.

✔ Magnetic clip secures pocket to sports bra straps.

✔ Machine washable. Lie flat to dry.

✔ Slips under tanks, tees, long sleeves and jackets.

✔ Works on waistband as well.

✔ Insulates phone in cold weather to prevent battery drainage

size chart

Koala Clip is available in three sizes: Medium, Large, and X-Large sized specifically for phones and cases available on the market now.


Currently, X-LARGE only available in Gutsy Green.